Society That Runs The School

“Children are souls to be nurtured, not products to be measured.”

-Andrew Kern

The school is a recognised co-educational senior secondary school and was founded in 1987 by Late Shri R. P. Kathuria, an educationist and a philanthropist.

The main factor that led to the establishment of Merry International E&C Society and Merry International Public School was the thought that each child is unique and thrives at its own pace and the school just needs to give the right kind of guidance, path and platform to enhance their innate and inherent capabilities, abilities and skills. Children are completely present, living from their heart. When we focus exclusively on 'development', 'progress' and other comparatives, we reduce these magical years to a burden filled with imaginary stresses and worry.

Today, the affairs of the Society are managed by the Governing Body consisting of eminent educationists and social workers headed by Sh. Manish, an eminent social activist as the President of the Society. Under his dynamic leadership, the pace of expansion and development of the school has greatly quickened in the recent years.

Merry International Public School is a comprehensive, co-educational English medium school with Hindi as a compulsory subject and Sanskrit as the third language in classes VI – VIII.

Conscious effort is made to foster pride in and love for the country and its great heritage and tradition of tolerance and compassion epitomized in the noble phrase “The whole world is one family”.