Society That Runs The School

“Heroes are ordinary men and women who dare to see and meet the call of a bigger possibility, bigger than themselves. Breakthroughs are created by such heroes, by men and women who will stand for the result while it is only a possibility – people who will act to make possibility real.”

-Werner Erhard

The main factor that led to the establishment of the Merry International Educational and Charitable Society in 1987 was the thought that Indian culture, heritage, tradition and ethos must be preserved and conserved. Late Shri R. P. Kathuria, an educationist, and some other like-minded luminaries of India, were the founder members of this Society. They joined hands for the noble cause of spreading quality education.

Today, the affairs of the Society are managed by the Governing Body consisting of eminent educationists and social workers headed by Sh. Manish, an eminent social activist educationist and a social worker as the President of the Society. Under his dynamic leadership, the pace of expansion and development of the school has greatly quickened in the recent years.

The Merry International School is a comprehensive, co-educational English medium school with Hindi as a compulsory subject and Sanskrit as the third language in classes VI – VIII.

Merry International’s educational philosophy is inspired by the maxim “Let noble thoughts come to us from the whole universe”. It provides holistic education catering to the needs of talents and aptitudes of the students and keeping in view the country’s rich cultural heritage and background.

Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the school also endeavours to help each child unearth and develop one’s latent talents and abilities. It seeks to instil in the children proper habits, positive attitudes and values such as secularism, honesty, respect for law, civic sense, etiquette, tolerance, equality of all human beings, regularity, self-respect, self-control, fair play, team spirit, dignity of labour, punctuality, compassion and a rational and scientific approach.

Conscious effort is made to foster pride in and love for the country and its great heritage and tradition of tolerance and compassion epitomized in the noble phrase “The whole world is one family”.