1. A student seeking withdrawal is required to inform the school office atleast one month in advance.
  2. A student seeking withdrawal after the commencement of the session i.e. after 1st April must pay the fee upto June.
  3. In case the notice period given is shorter than one month, the fee instalment due on the 1st of next month will be charged.
  4. Exception may be made in case of sudden transfer of government officials or military personnel.
  5. The School Leaving Certificate will not be issued until all the dues are settled with fine, if any.
  6. Refund of security deposit must be taken within 6 months of leaving the school. No refund will be allowed thereafter. The security will be refunded after one month of the date of applying for the refund.
  7. Request for School Leaving Certificate' form is available at the reception counter. Please fill this up and submit it to the reception co-ordinator.
  8. School leaving certificate will be issued only 15 days after the submission of Application for the S.L.C.